Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I do like me some purty!

Yorkie http://yorkshiregal.blogspot.com/ and I did a kind of mini swap and today I received this...KnitPicks Felici sock yarn in Mixed Berries. Now in recent years my colour taste has changed but deep down inside, no matter what, I have always loved pinks and mauve's - I am a closet pink girl! Strange my sister likes these colours too - sometimes I have to fight my pinkness urge when buying wool cos my true nature always gravitates to these colours -though apart from socks - I don't actually wear pink that much. So when I saw this on their web page I gave in to my inner pinkness and Yorkie - bless her voluptuous bosom - facilitated me.

She also sent a great card and a knitting keyring - cool! But Oooooooo pink squooshyness.
Life is still manic but good - all three of us are busy and have stuff on. We're off on hols in a couple of weeks too - we do need a break!
Lottie is growing, she has all her big dog nashers now - she looks like she's wearing a bigger dogs teeth - denture dog! She goes to have her coat stripped for the 1st time on Friday and then the following week off the vets for pre-op weigh in and check, she'll be spayed when we get back from our break. All the other furry and eight legged amnibiles are fine, healthy and doing good.
I need to go and pack J's swimming stuff, get the washing on the line, groom assorted critters and get busy with the duster and hoover - life is soooooo exciting some days.

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