Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Time passes to you

Things and people change. Tastes and preferences do too. Strange how these patterns shift and it's only when you stop and think that you can see them. A small distance stretches away and grows and suddenly there is a massive chasm and you never even knew it was there before that moment. Life gets weirder by the second.

When you get a quiet five minutes - you sit and relax, maybe close your eyes - what image(s) pop into your head? Or can you quiet your mind totally and just see black? Do you see/follow the pulsing colours left on your retina by light and its sudden cessation? Do you see loved ones or desired ones? Personally I chase the colours - it soothes my mind.

I like change, change is good - I like the person I am now and don't mourn the person I was then. The chasm doesn't overwhelm me or scare me, it intrigues me that I bear so little resemblance to the me of 21 years ago - I wonder where that me went - I hope she's OK.

OK weirding over.

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glittrgirl said...

I need a trip to Brighton. Perhaps I will deliver Mike's hat in person.....