Friday, April 04, 2008

Thank Crunchie....

it's Friday! Yarn pR0n time - wheeeeee! So today for your delectation we have some Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in a new colourway for the UK called - Pilsen. Modelled in a delightful and elegant fashion by M's Ibanez BTB 5 string bass.
Mmmmm reminds me of a berry fruit salad, drizzled over with melted chocolate.
Lottie says "Please can I have that little piece of puppy kibble in your hand. I've been posing for pictures for all of 20 seconds and I am exhausted and need sustenance to keep me going. Look I'm holding up my paw and everything!"
M's obsession with sleeping-dog-with-tongue-sticking-out photographs continues unabated.

From today we are all on holiday (hooray) not going away but having days out, picnics, weather permitting (makes mental note to go to Met Office site in a minute) and lots of dog walking. Loobles is loving having a walking companion, she likes Lottie outside the house, it is giving her a new lease of life. So see you all in about a week - hopefully with some knitting/spinning progress - looks around for flying pigs and ducks farting in thunder storms.

***edited to say - weather pah humbug - may have to rethink our plans - getting colder, wetter, windier plus frost and wintry showers!! Today is hot and sunny I have all the windows and doors open - am wearing a vest, summer weight troos and flip-flops - talk about Murphys!


Jo said...

Yes I am not pleased to have two weeks with a four year old at home, but you have fun!

Batty said...

Pretty yarn!

That's the funniest dog picture. Sleeping dog with tongue sticking out... you know, I think it's so cute, I'd want to see it over and over again too.