Friday, September 26, 2008

Both M and I have learnt of separate family members who have the same terminal illness this week, both Aunties, both been around since we can remember, both given time in months not years.

Our families are getting older and are dwindling. My family member was one of those that I viewed through my parents prejudices and it is only as an adult that I've come to appreciate her humour and individuality - the saying 'she's a game ole bird' was made for this lady. She is very old and has had a full life, she's a widow and has suffered a loss of a child, she has lived. Still it is sad that her life has to dwindle in a painful, obvious clock ticking way. The news has effected me more deeply than I thought it would because, in my eyes she is last (or one of the last & closest) members of my Dad's immediate family, she feels like the last close link to him for me also to my Nana (Dad's Mum).

M's Auntie is younger and some treatment (should she choose it) may be possible but at this time she is too weak and ill even to be allowed home. Again she is a link to his childhood and past and although his family is bigger and it appears more robust than mine, it was still a shock and uncanny that both families are hit by the same type of cancer.

I have felt very sad this week and introspective, I've talked to M and he understands how emotive this is, it feels like we cannot go a year without a loss of some sort. So, the yarn pron will have to wait until I feel in a cheerier frame of mind - sorry.


Maggie said...

Oh Peri, so sorry to hear your news. Hugs to you and M from Liverpool.

SiressYorkie said...

I'm sorry too, Peril...nothing I can say will make it better, but I love you to pieces, you and Mike and J.


Allie said...

Sorry to hear of this, Peri.

Wibbo said...

I'm really so sorry to hear about your bad news and I wish I could think of something more inspiring to say than 'hang on in there'... Jan x

yuvee said...

*sending good vibes and hugs*