Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wool, Wells and the the toilet of despair - Pt 1.

We're home safe and sound after a break 'glamping' at a site in Somerset. We had really good weather.
Fresh eggs collected from under the chooks every day - they truly were the best any of us have ever tasted.
We paid huge amounts of money to visit quite a few local attractions, including the Roman Baths at Bath. I even tried the water in the pump room - think hot limescale blah and you'd not be far off the mark.
I made friends with the locals! This pygmy goat (I think it is Buzz - the brother is Woody) thinks it is a mountain goat and spent many happy hours (when not terrorising the chooks & butting his brother) on top of a chook coop. The sheep is an undercover wool smuggler and therefore has remained nameless.
I also went to the Get Knitted shop in Bristol - oooooooooooooo!!!! The S. E. X. report will follow in a separate post.

As for Wells and the toilet of despair - next time.


glittrgirl said...

Welcome home!

Spinningfishwife said...

Glamping looks fabulous, so I investigated how much it would cost for a three night stay for all of us at a site near here. Umm. You could buy a decent second-hand trailer tent for that and stay at the campsite down the road for £15 per night, fresh eggs included!

Still, it does look glam, and the thought of not having to wash the wet towels appeals, lol.

peri said...

Have done the proper camping bit and wanted to try this just as something different - but I agree it is more pricey than normal camping.

Allie said...

It does look lovely.