Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pt 2 - Cathedrals, cooking & the toilet of doom!

I love Wells. Lovely place. Great market, lots of nice little places to eat, good shops including a little wool shop hidden down a side street - kind of quaint and old fashioned but friendly with loads of yarn and the bestest button selection I have ever encountered.

I am not a person of faith - but I adored Wells Cathedral - truly magnificent - awe inspiring and so much history. I really liked the clock with the jousting knights and such colourful stained glass. Plus we saw Fiona Bruce filming for 'The Antiques Roadshow' which was taking place at the Bishops Palace the next day - M's reaction "Ere isn't that that bird of the telly?" J's reaction "Who's she?"

Here are my boys cooking - or M might be about to brain J with that ladle! We had some amazing dinners on that stove. It cooks 3 pots (plus we took our gas stove for quick kettle boiling for early morning T - an essential in our household). M made the best ever veggie stew and dumplings on the wood stove - seriously the aroma alone was glorious. We had massive plates of scrambled fresh eggs, bacon and toast, chilli con carne and rice - wonderful warming grub.
Replete from stew and just before lighting the candles - my sock in progress - tis now finished and awaiting it's mate. I liked knitting by candle light whilst listening to the crackle of the logs and the hooting of tawny owls.
View from the front of our tent.
And's the toilet of doom! There is a small porcelain toilet bowl under that lid and an overhead flusher - but it's more like a boats loo. The varnished wood was freezing cold, especially at night (the whole back end of the tent was really cold at night) and I am funny about loos when away from home at the best of times - this was not a comfortable place to 'go' - plus it was bloddy dark as well and had its own residents!! I missed my own loo, more than anything else - including the animals.

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