Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Of rocks, socks, real Cheddar cheese and stuff.

J really wanted to go to Cheddar Gorge, he had researched all about it before we left home and was eager to see the skeleton in Gough's Cave. He spent the whole time listening to the audio commentary and really enjoyed himself. We also went in the Cox's Cave and the picture above is from there - coloured lighting and classical music didn't really seem necessary IMHO.
Yep I finally infected M with sock disease. He was so taken with all the sock yarn at Get Knitted he decided he want to learn to knit socks (he can already knit). He bought some Opal Bee colourway and some dpns and spent the evenings knitting - it was fun, he's getting close to needing to turn his 1st heel....I wonder if he'll suffer from S.S.S (2nd sock syndrome)?
Also in Cox's Cave is the Crystal Quest (robbed from J.R.R Tolkien methinks - well a bit) aimed at kids but J was unimpressed. What did impress him was the cheese factory, shop and tasting! My boy loves a good strong mature cheddar, it was great to see the cheese maturing in the caves too. He tasted 3 or 4 types - all strong - then choose his favourite as a souvenir - the Cave Matured Vintage was his final choice whilst M went for the Blue. Cheddar Gorge is a bit touristy and not a cheap day out - but it was gorgeous weather and we had a lovely busy day there.
Finally - the other goat, Woody, from the farm. He's the one that I wanted to bring home, such a sweetie who loved to have his ears scratched and would lean into your hand with his eyes shut whilst you fussed him. I love goats!

Next post I'll get to my GK visit and show you me yarn ;-)


Jo said...

Had to laugh at the woman when we were cheese tasting at Cheddar last month, because she said Neo wouldn't like the mature cheddar, we don't do mild in this house! Can't wait to see M's socks on!

glittrgirl said...

Go Mikey, go Mikey! Knit, knit, knit those socks! I know why he is knitting them. He wants to come to mine and Sue's workshop in November.....

Maggie said...

Never been to Cheddar Gorge, would love to! Is it very scrambley in the caves? Just I'm not very steady on my feet (use a stick) so not sure if I'd be able to manage... The cheese sounds good though! Yummy!