Thursday, September 04, 2008

Time to stand still.....

I'd like the chance.

Wow what a week. It hasn't stopped. So here is a kind of catch-up.

J had his cousin A over for a weekend sleepover - two mad boys= house of chaos, bedroom of mess. Then another cousin came over on Tuesday - so ditto the above (though not as bad). We were also out on Tuesday night so the day just went 'whooooosh' and the next thing I knew it was Wednesday, or Orthodontist day. J went for a 1st consultation, it's good news/bad news - the good is his kind of problem is the simplest sort, a 4 tooth extraction and a brace and he should have straight teeth in a year! The bad - the 18 month waiting list on the NHS *sigh*.

I also have a bit of sadder news, Ma's old dog Winnie (he was 16 or 17) was put to sleep on Tuesday. It is for the best, but still a hard decision for her to make because in many ways he appeared healthy - but he was not happy, had health issues and mental issues too. It hit her Wednesday morning - she's better today and keeping busy, but still it's not nice for her and the house is soooooooo quiet. Winnie barked constantly when she was out, nothing settled him and all the treatments the vet tried failed. If I'm honest I don't miss the barking, he'd often get hysterical and then have a fit which was really scary to deal with.

Very little knitting/spinning. The Flutter Sleeve is having its bands knit - but so much moss st is boring so it's languishing at the mo. Taught my Big Sis how to do a short row heel, knit a bit on a sock and spun a little baby camel/silk and that's about it.

Have the start of a nasty head cold - had a sore throat for 2 days now and am snuffling too.

Have lost 6kgs in two weeks - go me! Don't want to find them again, so am being a good girl, no choccie, no nuts/crisp, no Chinese take out and no booze!

Lottie escaped into next doors garden again - don't think they like dogs, but they were very gracious about it all.

Going to IKnit on Saturday, going to see the Harlot, going to meet with the Knitty gals - going to have to go on a train *gulp* going into agoraphobic overload at the thought of the crowd.

Going on holiday in a week and a bit.

Booked a dirty weekend away for me and M in Jan and also next years holiday in May - going to Cornwall.

I think that is all up to date. See you next week.


Dani said...

What a busy life you lead! What's IKnit? Good luck with the train travel.

Batty said...

I hope you have some time to breathe and relax. That's a lot coming at you at once. I'm sorry about the dog! It's sad when our furry friends go.

picperfic said...

oh wow, what a busy time! Any secrets to the weight loss...I am so sick of my excess baggage!