Friday, September 26, 2008

Both M and I have learnt of separate family members who have the same terminal illness this week, both Aunties, both been around since we can remember, both given time in months not years.

Our families are getting older and are dwindling. My family member was one of those that I viewed through my parents prejudices and it is only as an adult that I've come to appreciate her humour and individuality - the saying 'she's a game ole bird' was made for this lady. She is very old and has had a full life, she's a widow and has suffered a loss of a child, she has lived. Still it is sad that her life has to dwindle in a painful, obvious clock ticking way. The news has effected me more deeply than I thought it would because, in my eyes she is last (or one of the last & closest) members of my Dad's immediate family, she feels like the last close link to him for me also to my Nana (Dad's Mum).

M's Auntie is younger and some treatment (should she choose it) may be possible but at this time she is too weak and ill even to be allowed home. Again she is a link to his childhood and past and although his family is bigger and it appears more robust than mine, it was still a shock and uncanny that both families are hit by the same type of cancer.

I have felt very sad this week and introspective, I've talked to M and he understands how emotive this is, it feels like we cannot go a year without a loss of some sort. So, the yarn pron will have to wait until I feel in a cheerier frame of mind - sorry.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finally an F.O.

hol2008 071
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Started 06/09/08 finished today - 'Hey Teach' from Knitty.
Needles 5mm. Yarn 6x50g RYC Wool, silk DK in Scallop.

A lovely pattern and an easy knit - whizzed through it and it's a good fit. Perhaps this will be a finished garment (other than hats/socks etc) that I might actually wear.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Of rocks, socks, real Cheddar cheese and stuff.

J really wanted to go to Cheddar Gorge, he had researched all about it before we left home and was eager to see the skeleton in Gough's Cave. He spent the whole time listening to the audio commentary and really enjoyed himself. We also went in the Cox's Cave and the picture above is from there - coloured lighting and classical music didn't really seem necessary IMHO.
Yep I finally infected M with sock disease. He was so taken with all the sock yarn at Get Knitted he decided he want to learn to knit socks (he can already knit). He bought some Opal Bee colourway and some dpns and spent the evenings knitting - it was fun, he's getting close to needing to turn his 1st heel....I wonder if he'll suffer from S.S.S (2nd sock syndrome)?
Also in Cox's Cave is the Crystal Quest (robbed from J.R.R Tolkien methinks - well a bit) aimed at kids but J was unimpressed. What did impress him was the cheese factory, shop and tasting! My boy loves a good strong mature cheddar, it was great to see the cheese maturing in the caves too. He tasted 3 or 4 types - all strong - then choose his favourite as a souvenir - the Cave Matured Vintage was his final choice whilst M went for the Blue. Cheddar Gorge is a bit touristy and not a cheap day out - but it was gorgeous weather and we had a lovely busy day there.
Finally - the other goat, Woody, from the farm. He's the one that I wanted to bring home, such a sweetie who loved to have his ears scratched and would lean into your hand with his eyes shut whilst you fussed him. I love goats!

Next post I'll get to my GK visit and show you me yarn ;-)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pt 2 - Cathedrals, cooking & the toilet of doom!

I love Wells. Lovely place. Great market, lots of nice little places to eat, good shops including a little wool shop hidden down a side street - kind of quaint and old fashioned but friendly with loads of yarn and the bestest button selection I have ever encountered.

I am not a person of faith - but I adored Wells Cathedral - truly magnificent - awe inspiring and so much history. I really liked the clock with the jousting knights and such colourful stained glass. Plus we saw Fiona Bruce filming for 'The Antiques Roadshow' which was taking place at the Bishops Palace the next day - M's reaction "Ere isn't that that bird of the telly?" J's reaction "Who's she?"

Here are my boys cooking - or M might be about to brain J with that ladle! We had some amazing dinners on that stove. It cooks 3 pots (plus we took our gas stove for quick kettle boiling for early morning T - an essential in our household). M made the best ever veggie stew and dumplings on the wood stove - seriously the aroma alone was glorious. We had massive plates of scrambled fresh eggs, bacon and toast, chilli con carne and rice - wonderful warming grub.
Replete from stew and just before lighting the candles - my sock in progress - tis now finished and awaiting it's mate. I liked knitting by candle light whilst listening to the crackle of the logs and the hooting of tawny owls.
View from the front of our tent.
And's the toilet of doom! There is a small porcelain toilet bowl under that lid and an overhead flusher - but it's more like a boats loo. The varnished wood was freezing cold, especially at night (the whole back end of the tent was really cold at night) and I am funny about loos when away from home at the best of times - this was not a comfortable place to 'go' - plus it was bloddy dark as well and had its own residents!! I missed my own loo, more than anything else - including the animals.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Wool, Wells and the the toilet of despair - Pt 1.

We're home safe and sound after a break 'glamping' at a site in Somerset. We had really good weather.
Fresh eggs collected from under the chooks every day - they truly were the best any of us have ever tasted.
We paid huge amounts of money to visit quite a few local attractions, including the Roman Baths at Bath. I even tried the water in the pump room - think hot limescale blah and you'd not be far off the mark.
I made friends with the locals! This pygmy goat (I think it is Buzz - the brother is Woody) thinks it is a mountain goat and spent many happy hours (when not terrorising the chooks & butting his brother) on top of a chook coop. The sheep is an undercover wool smuggler and therefore has remained nameless.
I also went to the Get Knitted shop in Bristol - oooooooooooooo!!!! The S. E. X. report will follow in a separate post.

As for Wells and the toilet of despair - next time.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

I'll leave you with...

animal sleepytime.

They'll be nice and comfy whilst we're gone and Grandma will spoil them.

Friday, September 12, 2008


No blogging for a while. Getting ready to go on holiday back in a week or so.

Be good whilst I'm gone ;-D

P.S should have yarn Pr0n when I get back - holiday destination is only 23 mins by car from Get Knitted shop - yay!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Total contentment.

" Well it's only what I deserve, a cosy throw and cushions for my new beanbag bed."
"Soooooooooo comfy and warm."
"Go away you pesky pink monkey thing, I am trying to chill here!"

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Time to stand still.....

I'd like the chance.

Wow what a week. It hasn't stopped. So here is a kind of catch-up.

J had his cousin A over for a weekend sleepover - two mad boys= house of chaos, bedroom of mess. Then another cousin came over on Tuesday - so ditto the above (though not as bad). We were also out on Tuesday night so the day just went 'whooooosh' and the next thing I knew it was Wednesday, or Orthodontist day. J went for a 1st consultation, it's good news/bad news - the good is his kind of problem is the simplest sort, a 4 tooth extraction and a brace and he should have straight teeth in a year! The bad - the 18 month waiting list on the NHS *sigh*.

I also have a bit of sadder news, Ma's old dog Winnie (he was 16 or 17) was put to sleep on Tuesday. It is for the best, but still a hard decision for her to make because in many ways he appeared healthy - but he was not happy, had health issues and mental issues too. It hit her Wednesday morning - she's better today and keeping busy, but still it's not nice for her and the house is soooooooo quiet. Winnie barked constantly when she was out, nothing settled him and all the treatments the vet tried failed. If I'm honest I don't miss the barking, he'd often get hysterical and then have a fit which was really scary to deal with.

Very little knitting/spinning. The Flutter Sleeve is having its bands knit - but so much moss st is boring so it's languishing at the mo. Taught my Big Sis how to do a short row heel, knit a bit on a sock and spun a little baby camel/silk and that's about it.

Have the start of a nasty head cold - had a sore throat for 2 days now and am snuffling too.

Have lost 6kgs in two weeks - go me! Don't want to find them again, so am being a good girl, no choccie, no nuts/crisp, no Chinese take out and no booze!

Lottie escaped into next doors garden again - don't think they like dogs, but they were very gracious about it all.

Going to IKnit on Saturday, going to see the Harlot, going to meet with the Knitty gals - going to have to go on a train *gulp* going into agoraphobic overload at the thought of the crowd.

Going on holiday in a week and a bit.

Booked a dirty weekend away for me and M in Jan and also next years holiday in May - going to Cornwall.

I think that is all up to date. See you next week.

Monday, September 01, 2008

For me?

Why, thank you.
'Tis so comfy.
And a perfect fit.

I think not cat!!!