Thursday, February 24, 2011

Bathy time fun - part one.

 Easy journey, if a little wet. No traffic fuff-ups. The rain has eased by the time we arrived (after a detour to Get Knitted - yarn post will follow soon). We dumped our stuff enjoyed the view from our room (picture above) had a coffee and decided to head out and stretch our legs.
 We just had an hour or so wander about the centre of Bath, via the tow path. It bought back some memories of previous trips. I think the last time we walked that route J was in a push chair and I remember buying him an ice cream and him taking so long to eat it - he was wearing most of it by the time he'd finished.

M took the above shot of Bath Abbey from the tow path. He also took the following one of Pulteney Bridge and the weir.
We were amazed how many tourists were about at this time of year and even though it was late afternoon and really grey, it was very busy.

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