Monday, February 14, 2011

Past the finishing post...but at the back of the field.

 In October I thought to myself...."I know, I'll knit Mum a shawl for Christmas'. She had mentioned seeing some Rowan KSH in a green (Jelly is the name of the colourway) that exactly matched her favourite, swirly, summer linen skirt. "Aha" thought I knowing I had recently purchased 3 skeins with a mind to knit the Melon Stitch Scarf or Shawl from 'Victorian Lace Today' by Jane Sowerby.
 I casually wafted the pattern around near her, she said "That is pretty!" "Bingo!" thought I and happily cast on.
Well I had read on line that the centre panel was challenging due to the boredom factor but oh boy I didn't realise it was that boring. End of November and I knew it wouldn't be done - I got distracted by other projects, so I fessed up and offered it as a Xmas/birthday gift which was acceptable ( I did knit mittens for her for the day and socks for her birthday) so she wasn't totally giftless.
The shawl was finished and blocked yesterday -phew. I was 1 day late for her birthday. I knit on this monogamously for 14 days prior to her birthday to try and get it done - I don't think one day late was too bad? And she does like it - result.

So how many projects on my needles now?
Two. Until later today. The gnome mitts which I've a got a little bored with and need to finish and a long term lace stole project for me.....NO socks.......yet.
I did have a lovely pair of socks (the breaking hearts by Cristi of Turtlegirl fame) but I really chose the wrong yarn and had to frog them - am waiting for the right yarn to find me so I can try again. I have a pair lined up and another lace project I want to try.....busy needles await me.

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