Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday suitable post

 Those of you who know me IRL know that I don't do religion in any shape or form but I do 'do' churches. I love the windows, the architecture, the history and find their communities - past and present - interesting.

Bath Abbey is wonderful and well worth a visit. The windows are beautiful and the height of the ceilings is awe inspiring.
 It makes you wonder about the people that created such a ceiling - even more so after reading and watching The Pillars of the Earth.

It was very busy when we visited and although M would have loved to have taken a tower tour I did my patented chicken dance, so we gave it a miss.

The carvings, sculpture and memorials were more than enough to interest me.
Detail of the big main door - what a skillful piece of carving.

The entry to the Abbey was a suggested £2.50 per person - though we were informed what ever we could afford would be acceptable. I think the Tower Tour was £5.00 per person.

Well worth the pennies - it is beautifully kept and the volunteers are unobtrusive and knowledgeable.

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Annie said...

Love that fan vaulting