Sunday, February 20, 2011

In thru the birthday and out the other side.

Had a fab, really really fab birthday.

The yarn above is a gift from the talented Emma - it has a wonderful flow of colours through the red/pink spectrum. It was dyed in jar using food dyes. It is knitting up beautifully.

What else? Well goodies galore - cd's, books, dvds, smellies, yarn and best of all......a Kindle. I sat protesting at knitting Wednesday night that I didn't want/need one, not knowing M had bought me one and a lovely case for it too. Now I own one, I am a  complete convert. I love it. Have spent a lot of time the last few days browsing and downloading!

Had a brilliant manicure and pedicure from Kerry at B Beautiful (facebook link) she has a lovely warm and relaxing treatment room in Eastbourne which is well worth a visit. She is friendly with a nice relaxed manner perfect for a little pampering. My nails look fab too!

M made me a lovely meal at home (the most wonderful salad in the world ever!) and Friday we went to a concert. It was lovely.

I have been thoroughly spoilt.

Have knitting/books to post about but it will have to wait. Need to pack M and my case as we are off, just the two of us for a couple of days, Grandma is being left in charge....poor Grandma. Will blog when I get back.

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