Tuesday, April 12, 2011

52 Books - 17, 18, 19 and 20 - bumper crop!

Morning peeps - gosh that wind is little brisk. I got quite chilly pegging out the washing - back to brrrrrr.

Thought I'd better catch up with this as it has been a little neglected.

Book 17 - Sense Sensibility and Sea Monsters - by JA and Ben. H. Winters.

Format - Kindle.

OK so I loved and I mean really loved 'Pride and Prejudice and Zombies' - so I was looking forward to this like you would not believe, but oh boy did I struggle with it. If I'm honest  'S & S' is not my favourite Austen but I don't dislike it, I've just read it less than the others. The addition of sea monsters didn't freshen it up or make it more exciting, if anything, I thought it made a slow book, well, slower. The humour didn't come through the way it did in  'P & P & Zombies' at all in that you could still hear the original text with its original humour under the addition of the zombies, but Eleanor et al were lost within this ridiculous setting. There were some things that worked but I honestly think they tried too hard. Tedious, very, very tedious.

Book 18 - Far from the Madding Crowd  - by Thomas Hardy.

Format - Audio book - read by Martin Shaw.

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

Have always loved this book - not a massive fan of Hardy but this is my exception to the rule book. It works for me on every level. Martin Shaw really, really gets it. Good even reading and a little addition of dramatisation and vocalisation just adds to the whole thing. I could listen to this over and over again.

100% Excellent.

Book 19 - Perfect Proposal - by Katie Fforde

Format - Kindle.

I have a secret passion for feel good, humorous chick lit. There are times when ones of these genre of book are just the perfect pick me up and comfort food in literary form. Katie Fforde is a favourite provider. I have read all but one of her books - my late MIL started me off on reading this author and it was one of the few things we agreed on. I haven't read one of her books for a while but really felt in the mood for her brand of sensible but funny-ish heroines and this did not fail me.

There is a formula to her story telling but it doesn't get stale as she adds enough flavouring and humour to keep it all fresh. I really engage with her characters because she often makes them seem quite normal and not as dipsy, randy or stupid as a lot authors tend to make their characters in this genre of story telling. There have been times with other authors when I have thrown books down in disgust because they make their characters so dumb - (can't do that with a Kindle though  - bit expensive) Katie Fforde has never done that to me. I have another of hers downloaded ready to go and am waiting for the perfect moment of need to indulge myself again.

Book 20 - Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone - by J.K Rowling.

Format Audio Book - read by Stephen Fry.

Everyone (who likes them) has a favourite HP book and mine is the first one. It has wonderful associated memories of sharing it with a very young J at bedtime, it was such fun and so special as we both couldn't wait for the next chapter it led to a few late nights.
I have listened to this on audio books many times before and, for me, it never gets old. It is like a pair of old slippers and is perfect for some chill out knitting time when I want to escape the noise (especially of next doors toddling screamers). I love Stephen Fry's telling of the story he does it so well I actually forget it is him and just settle down and wallow in the fantasy.

I do know HP isn't every ones cup of tea - but I still enjoy all sorts of children's literature and the HP books were a great motivator for J to want to be able to read them for himself which then led him on to other authors. I bought them for him but they live in my book cupboard. I can't knock the books at all and think they a wonderful.

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