Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wednesday Madhouse - Hidden Talents.

But if I tell they won't be hidden!

1) I can play the Clarinet and the penny whistle.
2) I can do the splits.
3) I can suck my big toe.
4) I am brilliant at untangling knots and jewellery.
5) I snore better than M. I think that's a talent in itself.
6) I do the loudest sneezes they can damage your ear drums.
7) I do a great Welsh accent.
8) I am ace at building with stuff like Lego and Meccano.
9) I can sing.
10) I can still tap dance.
11) I can do a cart wheel.
12) I can float like I am lying on a lilo (without a lilo) and go to sleep doing so.

I am just so dang talented.

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