Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wednesday Madhouse - Perfect moment.

I know I should post about something like my wedding or the birth of J etc but OK they are pretty amazing moments but not perfect. I think it all depends on your definition of perfect.

Even on the shittiest day imaginable I can have a perfect moment because to me a perfect moment is a moment out of time that just fills you to the brim with a sense of ease, contentment and bliss. Some days I have lots of perfect moments.

I like to think that moments that feel that good shouldn't be confined to monumental events or even only to days where you are happy - they should crop up, here and there even on the grumpiest or most mundane day.

Here are some examples of moments that I think are perfect;

A little chunk of pure peace and quiet with just the birdies in the background - when you can take a couple of minutes just to listen to them sing.

A well made, perfect temperature cuppa after a couple of hours of madness - the sink into a comfy chair, put your trotters up and just be still and relish your brew.

Finding a poem that moves you or relates to something you think or feel - the same can be said of music. Sometimes 10 minutes just doing nothing but being carried off by a piece of music can be sublime.

Hugs! I love to be hugged. M does the best hugs ever.

I love it when M and I have the chance to go out alone - no kids or dogs - just us. To go somewhere with no time limits and be together - pure bliss. Hand holding adds bonus bliss.

But my favourite moments are moments when you suddenly realise, no matter what you are doing or where you are, that right in that second, you are totally 100% content and life could, right then and there, not get any better. Doesn't matter if that lasts seconds, minutes or hours - it is recognising it and feeling it that counts.

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