Monday, April 11, 2011

Weekend round up.

 Friday afternoon  was hot and sunny. A Chinnok flew overhead - I love them. They have such a distinctive sound that you can hear them long before they come into view. I don't know why they fascinate me so, I am not a fan of travel by flight, but I'd love a ride in one of these.
A friend who I've not seen for a couple of months popped in Friday to pick up some stuff and have a cuppa and it was lovely sitting and catching up. She's a fibre freak too - so there was plenty of chat, plus the babies adore her -lucky for us she loves them right back.
 Mr Black has returned to his usual favourite nest site (they come back every year) and he's getting a bit territorial at the moment. He was singing his heart out whilst keeping a beady eye on us.
 On Saturday morning 3 Magpies decided to use to top lawn as a wrestling ring. Chasing each other about then lying on their back and locking feet and claws - whilst the lady Magpie looked on with scorn.

We all popped out to a wonderful local garden centre - had a nosy about and came home with a lovely twisted Hazel and a gorgeous pot. I have wanted one of these for ages - I've called him Alfie.

We finished the day with a lovely homemade lasagna and a very chilled bottle of white wine - sitting out in the evening sun. A truly wonderful and a relaxing day.

Sunday - I gave M the entire day  off from chores and cooking. I thought it would be nice for him just to have a whole day to do whatever he wanted to do - as opposed to what happens most Sundays - he ends doing what 'needs' to be done. I enjoyed a chance to take over the kitchen - made a scrummy almond and cashew nut roast with a mixed salad and roast tatties. None left - they/we scoffed the lot.
 A couple of long dog walks and all day access to the garden had the above effect on Lottie.
And being chased by terriers (quite often initiated by him) even made Conkers dozy!

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