Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wednesday Madhouse - Music.

Lalalallllllllaaaaaalalalalalalllllllllaaaaaaaalllalalala dee-dum-dim-deeeeeeeeeeedummmmmmmmmmmdididididideeeeeeeedum.

I thought I'd sing you a little song.

I like music.The room I am in right now has at least 10 different instruments easily to hand. I like to sing and make sound (it sounds like music to me). I like natures music, right now a Robin is singing right outside the window,a Wood Pigeon is calling in the distance and the leaves are rustling in the breeze - no cars.

If I have a choice I would rather sit and listen to music than watch TV. One of the few things we spend a lot of ££'s on is our music system - far more than we'd spend on a TV, games system etc. It is wonderful to be able to flood the room with good quality musical sound.

As for musical taste mine is always mood related but it wide ranging. There aren't that many music types that I don't do - off the top of my head I can only think of Improv Jazz. Though I must be getting old because a lot of stuff that is current and IMHO manufactured I can't abide. Occasionally I hear something and it resonates for instance I never thought I'd like Lady Gaga, but I do.

This weeks listening has been - Tori Amos, John Frusciante, Simon and Garfunkel, The Raconteurs, Slipknot, RHCP, Smetana, William Orbit, Geoffrey Oryema and Lisa Gerrard.

Who shall I listen to today?

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