Thursday, May 26, 2011

Thursday Madhouse - Missed Chances.

I know the penultimate one and I'm a day sue me. One reason I am late is I have a complete blank over this one. There are things I could have done or maybe should have done, but as I try to live my life without regrets, there is nothing much that I see as a missed chance - they have been more about choices of direction.

However, I could be all serious and find something deep and emotive from my past to bring a tear to your eye of loves lost etc (not really - meeting M at age of 15 kind meant anyone before him wasn't love, it was teen lust) or the regrets over family misunderstandings (and there have been a few) but again I believe in no regrets so that doesn't work either. I could spin you the heart rending tale that my Father died without ever telling me he loved me....but it is ancient history and I have so come to terms with what can I tell about missed chances........

1) I missed the opportunity to punch the girl, who bullied me at school for over 4 years, on the nose and if I had my time over - I would and if she crossed my path now - I would take her to task and probably deck her.

2) There are a few people that I should have 'told it how it is' to at the moment they deserved it but I did the grown up thing and turned the other cheek - I missed my chance.

3) There are a few peeps that I should have helped remove their heads from their rectums but I didn't. I have made a solemn vow to rectify this (get it?) and from now on if you talk to me with your head up yer bum I will tell you to so and ask you to remove it.

4) I should have told MJ years ago that he always spouted 'bollocks'.

5) There are a few peeps I've shown kindness to who have then preceded to shit on me from a great height - I know now and will not repeat my kindnesses but will bestow them on others who deserve them. If you ask again -I will be reading you your life history cos I didn't at the time and I should have!

6) I missed my chance to learn to drive - dear lord I am useless behind the wheel of a car.

7) I should have stayed having the drama lessons - I think they would have made me a better liar than I am.

8) I kind of wished we hadn't gone on holiday to Cornwall when we did -cos then I could have spent the last week of Loobles life with her.

9) I regret (yes a regret) starting this cos I want to get to 10 and I've run out of ideas.

10) All the knitting projects I've frogged and then a month later thought ............"Shit!" I did like that after all.

Almost there one left - phew. Back next week for the madhouse anyone reads this drivel or gives a fuck!

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