Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Madhouse - Happy.

Define happy? Happy is surely different for everyone. It is such a daft word for such a strong feeling.

I don't think I really get happy or do happy that much. I can't abide jolly cheery sorts, I find them intensely irritating, if I'm honest, I just like normal everyday kinds of being, maybe bordering on morose or slightly grumpy.....Oh I've just described myself. If I do jolly it feels like wearing the wrong size shoes.

I think extremes of emotion on a regular basis are unhinging anyway. So why do people feel the need to convince us they are happy with wonderful lives? Why do people feel the need to pursue happiness? How can you pursue something so fleet of foot and brief? And surely once you reach the pinnacle of happiness then what is left? Or is that then a done deal and you have to find some new kind of happy to chase down?

Personally, I am 'happy' (get it?) to find contentment in who I am and what I have. I would rather have moments where all is right in my world in little ways then be trying to be or to achieve something that isn't really me at all.

I feel no need to hold my life up and find it lacking in someway, though I'm sure to many others it is. There is nothing I need to pursue to make me happy. I think this idea of happy and needing to show the world you are happy is what causes so much discontentment in modern life. We are encouraged by envy and social media to see what we have or are as lacking in someway if we cannot reach understood measures of happy.

I do not need a bigger TV than my neighbours, a newer car than the people over the road, a better holiday than my friend or a more whizzy mobile phone than her down the street to be any more happier than I am right at this minute. The new obtained bit of material happy may produce a brief happy dance but is it really happiness I've gained? Or would I just be being brainwashed by pressures of the modern school of being that equates retail therapy and material posessions with being happy?

Happy is someone making you smile or laugh - freely and without restraint. Happy is waking up naturally when your body tells you, not when you have to. Happy is finishing a good book with a sigh of contentment that the author whisked you away from yourself. Happy is a hug from someone who wants to hold you. Happy is Lottie finding her babble ball and wagging her tail off. Happy is watching your kids grow up healthy and strong. Happy is acceptance of life as it is right now.

No Madhouse next week as it is a topic repeat and I can't think of anything else to say about 'shoes'. Then there are only two more after that.

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