Monday, May 09, 2011

52 Books - playing catch up - 23 - 28

Have been reading loads just haven't been 'asked' to blog about it. So thought I'd better play catch up. To date I have read/am reading book 41. So I am rather behind - whoops.

Book 23.

The Lady in the Tower by Alison Weir
Format - Book.

I love history. I love reading about history and one of my favourite time period runs from Henry viii to Elizabeth i. I have read so many books, by so many authors that I didn't think there would a new slant or commentary that I hadn't come across but this book ticks the 'new idea' box wonderfully. It is well written, easy to follow and very informative without being too dry. I've not read this author before but on the performance of this book, I would happily read her work again.

Book 24.

Firelight by Sophie Jordan.
Format - Kindle.

I have been having a binge of teen fantasy lit - cos I like it! This one is a corker. In fact the abrupt ending was a shock I was so sucked into it. The book came up in the Kindle sale and I decided just to give it a go, now I can't wait for the follow up. Dragon/people - who can fly - yes!

Books 25 and 26.

Kisschase by Fiona Walker/ Kiss and Tell by Fiona Walker
Format - Kindle.

I haven't read any Fiona Walker for years - I went off her. But in 'Kiss and Tell' she revisited some characters that I liked from a previous book so I thought 'why not'. It took me a while to get back into her style and there were still some of the issues that stopped me reading her books, but once it got going it was good. A romping 'Jilly Cooper-esqe' style or perhaps that was the horsey setting?  But by the end of the book I realised I had enjoyed it but it still, in my memory didn't match up to the first book of hers I ever read 'Kisschase'. I thought a comparison read would be good so I downloaded it there and then (got to love yer Kindle) as I had no idea if I'd kept the book. Now this is a book I read over and over when it first came out but that was a while ago and it was hazy - and my tastes have changed. I still love it! It is fab, girly, but fab. Her style and content have changed but I'd say for the worse in her more recent books, if she went back to this I read everything she wrote.

Book 27.

Persuasion by Jane Austen.
Format - Audio book read by Greta Scacchi

I think this is my second favourite Austen. I love Capt Wentworth as a hero. I want to visit with the Musgroves and go to Lyme. I think it has the most satisfying ending of all her novels - the letter gets me every time. This audio is great - Ms Scacchi handles the telling well and does good characterisation without distracting from the story. She has amazingly clear diction too. I never ever tire of this.

Book 28.

The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
Format - Book.

I realised that I haven't re-read this book since my 20's. I found my copy of it in J's room and borrowed it back -it was a perfect way to spend a Sunday evening/night a couple of weeks ago. Scandalous as it may seem I don't really like LOTR - I've read it twice and it is boring IMHO - but 'The Hobbit' I loved and still do. I got pulled straight into it and had to be forcibly dragged out of it to go to bed! I still love the mutton chapter and still think Gollum is better in this book than LOTR (I do like the films!) and it stills calls to the 12 year old who first read all those years ago. It was my first experience of the fantasy genre and has shaped a lot of what still appeals to me again. I also loved that this battered copy had the lovely old book smell - you don't get that with yer Kindle!

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