Sunday, December 11, 2011

20's Snail Titfer.

 Pattern is from the current Knitty and can be found here - Escargot by Veronica Parsons. I wanted a real 20's feel to mine and for hat inspiration went and found some old pictures of my Nana. When she was a young lady she wore a lot of hats and particularly went for the cloche style ones. I played around with needles and tension and decided to deepen the brim and crown.
I used Rowan Cashsoft Aran (because I know it stretches well in blocking and gives a soft shape) on 4.5mm needles in two colours - a kind of brick red edged with charcoal grey.

I think I am in love with it. It fits comfortably and I love the look - it does look like some of the hats Nana wore! Just call me snail head.


Joanna said...

looks great, very classy!

Dani said...

That's beautiful!