Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Lottie is a funny little dog!

She has her own little routine, that she sticks to. After brekkie she likes a long play in the garden,chasing Kongs etc (Fergus does a garden border control...there might still be a hidden toad etc) then she has a biscuit followed by an emptying of her toy box and then an indoor play of fetch, tug and jab the human with a blue fing.......then if she is really lucky.......her favourite 'kill the fairy'.

This only occurs (in the morning) if it is sunny and I decide to do the ironing. She growls at the ironing board, selects a toy to shake and then waits for the iron plate to make reflections as I iron....these are 'fairies' (they do occur at other tag reflections from Fergus's collar, reflections from watches etc) but ironing 'fairies' are the bestest in the world, ever! She digs the floor, shakes her toy, growls and generally bounces all around the room chasing them. The game ends when the ironing board is put away again - after a severe growly telling off from Mrs Grunty.

Then she normally settles down for a doze until walkie time. She cracks me up,every day - she really is the funniest little dog.

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