Tuesday, December 06, 2011


I blew my nose and made both ears pop and was deaf for 30 minutes - scary.

I listened to very loud rock music on my iPod (my hearing had returned by then) and still couldn't drown out the boys watching last Friday's 'The Walking Dead'.

I got Fergus's twinnie in the post. This was made for us by the wonderful Fiona - mad woman of the North. Fergus gave him a good snuffling but Lottie hates him - she has growled at him and bitten him. He has yet to be named....I think we should call him 'Frogus' in homage to Fergus's summer passion.

I got another parcel with a lovely Xmas card and a present........for the terriers from Archiebear and Nellybean. I have saved it so they can open it on the day. (Yes I do know they are dogs!)

I knit one whole 32 row repeat of my new lace project - without making a mistake....fanfare please. I also knit two pattern repeats on my sweater as well....well go me.

I sold my Majacraft Little Gem wheel - woot-woot.

Was a good day.

(I didn't include any of the boring stuff - grooming the rats, housework, ironing etc - cos it is soooooo very dull - but I did loads of that shit too.)

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