Monday, December 05, 2011

Secret Santa goodness.

Yesterday was our knitting group Christmas lunch - we always do a Secret Santa - no-one knows who is giving to who (except for the excellent Ben who picks out the names - he's one of our knitters husband and does a fab job for us) but after the presents are opened it is time, if you want to, to own up.

This year I got a gift from the wonderful Wibbo who is an extremely talented textile artist and who has a wonderful eye for colour. She gifted me two skeins of KnitPicks (which isn't readily available in the UK) Gloss Lace in Fiesta - the yarn is a merino/silk blend - and it sings to me of a knitted lace scarf. So much so in fact, that when I got in the pattern I have been coveting on Ravelry, Anne Hanson's Fernfrost, was downloaded and the first skein was balled up. I have only cast on, my head was still too woolly from my cold to do more than that yesterday but it's there....waiting for me to finish all I have to accomplish head is a lot's been a while since I've been so excited by a new project.......dashing off now to get on with stuff........need to start to knitting...............

p.s The meal was fab.U.lous and so was the company - M and I had a wonderful time.....M got lovely sock yarn called Exotic Clay from his Secret Santa.

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Awwwww! *blushes* x