Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Gerbils

Our first married Christmas and our first one at our flat - we had very little money and virtually no decorations. M took our limited funds and went to the Woolworth's in St James's Street and got a wonderful collection of really tacky decorations (don't ask about the rainbow glowing orbs of tree lights - which are still in the attic somewhere). In amongst the tat were these two (who are now very battered being 24 years old) and as we had two Gerbils at the time, Zebe and Haaaaaa, we called them our Christmas Gerbils. They have been on display every year but one since then (neither of us could remember their safe place one year). Even J looks for them. They have been glued, blue tacked and are rather wonky now but it wouldn't be Christmas without them....not bad for 50p.

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