Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hello old friend.

 Been a long time since we spent much time together (so long in fact that I had a devils own job getting the upper thread threading right...then realised it was the tension that had been moved whilst in storage some how that was causing me grief) once I resolved the problem it was liking riding a bike (metaphorically of course) and me and my Bruv were back in harmony and working well together. I know it is now considered an old machine but I've had it from new and I love it. It does everything easily and well and sews beautifully and I love not having to use a foot pedal and having the speed control this machine gives.
 And why did I need my machine? Cos I am in a quilting bee and I had to machine sew a square for the person currently receiving squares from our bee. The read and pink quartered square is pretty simple and that is what was machined today. The other one, I got to do early as I was first person in the bee receiving list and I couldn't make my own square until I saw what I was getting (see photo below), is for the organiser and her remit was it had to be autumnal colours and contain hexagons. I paper pieced it and then applied it to an 8" backing square. Considering that I haven't touched patchwork in quite a long time I am pleased with both my efforts.
Here are the wonderful squares that I have received from the other Bee'ers so far - arent' they fab? I gave a loose definition of what I wanted - bright contrasts and traditional or crazy patchwork designs. I think they all fit the bill. Just got to decide how I will add to them and what they will become.

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you are amazing!