Friday, February 24, 2012

Little things.

 It's been a brain phart kind a couple of weeks - I have started and ripped out more projects than I care to recall. My head has been all over the shop and my mojo left home in despair. Then on Wednesday a friend from knitting group gave me a birthday present. Six delightful little skeins of hand dyed yarn, she is a crocheter (as well as many other things) as well and knew I was hexagoning again in sock yarn and she thought these would be perfect and they are. (Am really sorry but I can't for the life of recall who she said dyed them - brain phart is still holding sway). I got them balled up as soon as I got in - cos I just couldn't resist them.
 Last night I crocheted up four of the colours and edged them. I think they will fit in really well. This project is the only one I have any really enthusiasm for at the moment.
It is growing, some are crocheted together and I have a whole pile ready to be added. I love the pick and put downess of this kind of project. These little colourful hexagons can fill a few minutes or hours depending on my suffering attention span.
These are some other little things than I managed to finish. A family member is going to have a little girl soon and luckily the Mum in waiting likes pretty and knitted things - so I could indulge myself a little. The cardi is in garter stitch but the shawl collar and lace edging (and the little ducky button) lift it from being plain and as for the socks - they are just too dinky for words (the hat to match them is on the needles).

My lack of motivation is still sapping my mojo though and I've yet to think of or to find a project that moves me in any way. ...........I've not even got any socks on the needles....that's how bad it is! I have a long term lace project that is secret so I can't post it and my long term cardigan (garment knitting is always slow when it's for me) and an easy take anywhere garter stitch shawlette/scarf type thing and that is it- no other knitting. I will spend today trying to find inspiration *sighs*.

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