Monday, February 06, 2012


 I was thinking the other day that I am making no progress in anything much. Then when I decided to sit down and get these socks off of the needles over the weekend I realised I was wrong. This is my third pair of completed socks since the new year, I finished them before the end of the first week in February - that isn't really bad going - is it? Three pairs of socks in six weeks.If that was all I'd done (craft wise) I'd be happy.

I have also crochet 60+ hexagons, designed and am knitting a new stole and have done at least 4 repeats of the 20 row pattern, have cast on and am half way down the leg of next pair of socks and have finished the back and one front of a long term cardigan project.

All that aside - the socks are V Junkie by Alice Yu from her books 'Socktopus' they were knit on 2 x 2.5mm circular needles in a sock yarn dyed by a friend and gifted as a birthday present a few years back. I did get a bit of 2nd sock syndrome but that was because I was trying to get Mum's socks of the needles in plenty of time for her birthday. It's an easy pattern with a really good short row heel. I had to fudge the sizing a bit as I needed a medium leg and a small foot but the pattern was well written enough that I could do it with ease.

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