Wednesday, February 01, 2012

WTF? (bought to you by the word F**k)

The title should warn you that this could (is) be one of my ranty posts, I don't do as many of them these you miss them? Thought not.

WTF is up with this obsession about snow - so what - it might snow and? People longing for snow, people panic buying because there is a remote possible it might snow, people talking about snow....why?

It is a weather phenomenon over which we as humans have no control, wishing for it or preparing for it will not make it happen or the reverse. It is frozen rain, what is the biggie? And in the UK unless you are in the North or Scottyland -  TBH it's not going to be that bad or last that long (normally), it is going to be slush in two days.

FFS people get a grip - it is snow, it is not going to feed the starving, cure cancer or change your life...other than you get the opportunity, willing or maybe not, to make a tit of yourself, dress like a demented yeti and either rejoice or moan.

On a personal level....I hate the fucking stuff. Where I live, in a little close on a steep slope off a quiet road in a suburb, two miles from the nearest decent shop - snow = disruption of no buses and using dried milk cos some dick will slew his car across the close so no other fucker can get out. Also if M is on call this can be fun and as his firm doesn't 'do' snow days it means loosing money or holiday allowance if some dick slews his car etc - you get the picture.

It also amazed me that on the BBC weather yesterday right after the 6 O'clock news the weatheridiot advised people to follow the forecasts.....again I ask why? What the fuck for? Those fuckers never get it right.....hurricane 1987....I rest my case. And the weather forecasters are such a lacklustre boring bunch of nonces these days, all the personality of a tin of rice pudding.

So I will not be following the forecasts, I don't really care if it snows but would prefer it if it didn't and will, from now, ignore all moronic comments, behaviours and wishes for snow. And if it doesn't happen I will piss my pants laughing at anyone who has the opposite opinion to me. And if does you can all snigger right back at me but I can guarantee I will not be making a tit of myself (on purpose) or dressing like a yeti, I will batten down the hatches until it is all gone!

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