Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Zzzzzzz's from Mrs G

We was a bit tired from helping to paint the fence in the back garden, the Scottie idiot now has fence paint in his lugole - only he could manage that. So when we came indoors we both wanted the same sunny spot on the monkey fings bed. Old Haggisbrain has such a big snoz he has to rest it on somefing, todays somefing was me, I was less than impressed but was not going to give up pole position so allowed him this little favour of using me as a snoz rest.....don't worry he will return that favour with interest!

We snoozled for ages to recuperate our strengths which was a good fing as then it was time to go back out and do some raking....I loves me that rake.....I loves it so much I wants to kiss it all the time with my teggies!

We is tired again now but is waiting for the monkey fings to settle down so we can snoozle on them!

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