Sunday, January 01, 2012

Another day, another year

New Years Eve came and went. Fergus slept through most of it.
 Conkers just stayed superior to all the fuss (Fergus was growling at him when M took this - looks like he cares?)
Pooper Grunty disgraced herself by refusing to go out and do-do - she came in and did the deed in Grandma's bedroom....she is sleeping off her disgrace!

M, J and I celebrated a special birthday for M - had a lovely meal with one of his sisters and her husband on Friday which was awesome and on the day went for a totally fabby meal with some jolly good chums which resulted in much merriment and jollifications all round. Pretty good birthday for the ole boy (lol).

Now we are into 2012 - no resolutions here - waste of brain juice.

But I have cast on for my first pair of socks for 2012 and started the first book in 52 books in year challenge - apart from that life as normal really.

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