Monday, January 09, 2012

First F.O of the year!

 Yesterday was a bit of a 'hormonal' stay indoors kind of a day. Rather than mope, I decided to set my myself the challenge of finishing the second Angee sock by bedtime. I had completed the rib, the set up and almost one pattern repeat of the leg. That left me one and a half pattern repeats (of 24 rows) for leg, the heel, gusset, foot and toe, with a charted lace sock (though not a particularly difficult one) that's quite a lot of knitting.
I didn't spent the whole day one it. I suppose I settled done around lunchtime, had a couple of breaks to do some other stuff (a bit of stitching and some patchwork) but I finally finished around 10.30 last night. I had a break during the evening to watch Sherlock (one of the few things I refuse to miss on TV).

I love Cookie's patterns cos the do what they say on the tin. The sock is a good fit but as I actually (for once) followed the pattern to the letter are a bit longer than I normally knit for myself in the leg.

I seem to have rediscovered my sock knitting mojo - it had been awol for a while. I also finished my audio book and started the next one. Sometimes enforced indoor time gets put to good and satisfying use.

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