Sunday, January 29, 2012

Books 15 and 16

'The Rowan' by Anne McCaffrey
Format - book.

I loved this book the first time I read it and nothing has changed. I think McCaffrey had a genius for complex storytelling with sci-fi slants which mixed in seamlessly with human interest and in this case a bit of romance. From telepaths to invading hive like aliens this book covers the lot and that fact that the character Reidinger is there in the background just makes for an added bonus. It has inspired me to read the others in this series at some stage during the year.
I never grow tired of her writing and her death last year was a massive loss to the world of fiction I hope her legacy lives on for future generations to be transported to distinct planets and cultures and to find the deep joy and satisfaction of a good read that I've come to love.

'Treasure Island'  by Robert Louis Stevenson
Format - Kindle - Librivox read by Adrian Praetzellis.

Two things about this - I discovered this narrator last year and listened to him read 'Kim' and 'Wind in the Willows'  on both of which he did an excellent job and he has struck gold (pirate treasure reference) with this one too. The guy narrates wonderfully and does good characterisation throughout bringing the story to life.
The other thing (which is linked) is I know I have read this or attempted to read it and I recall being bored and finding the while thing tedious that is why I started listening with some trepidation. This book is perfect for an audio book, I absolutely loved it to bits - it held my interest totally and I found it absorbing and exciting - a lot of that is down to the skill of the narrator - but the story played an equal part as well. I am so glad I gave this book another chance by using a different format. I am now thinking of trying this with other books I have failed to enjoy!

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