Thursday, January 05, 2012

The ballad of Ferlock Bones and Mrs Grunty

(cos Tash asked me to)

Now this is a tail within a tale
about the demonic biscuit tin.
It made a noise and spun about and
it didn't have biscuits in!

Ferlock Bones was quite perplexed
and furrowed his noble brow,
whilst Mrs Grunty pranced about and
menaced it with her growl.

Ferlock shot an artful glance towards the evil tin,
"What's the point of it all?" he asked "It has no biscuits in."
Mrs Grunty's head shot up -"Biskits did you say? Where did they go? Who ate them all?
Or did they run away?"

"The tin ate its own contents," Ferlock Bones replied
"and that's why it makes a din. It's middle is all empty and it needs
more biscuits in!"

"Well it can sod off" said Mrs G "all them Bo-bo bikkies are mine.
You'll have to find  another way
to stop it moaning all the time."

Ferlock said "Be still a mo and let me have a think. "
Said Mrs Grunty "Well move over there - because you really stink."

Ferlock then had a brilliant thought
that would solve this mystery,
"If I cock my leg against the tin,
I can rust it with my wee"

"Ewww!" said Mrs Grunty
"Isn't there another way?" Said Ferlock "Well can you think of any?
All you do is grrrrr and play!"

"Ok"growled Mrs Grunty " I suppose that I agree
and if it gives us peace and quiet- then HUZZAH for Scottie pee!"

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