Friday, January 06, 2012

A different kind of stash dive.

 A fabric stash dive.

I went to patchwork classes for years and learnt all manner of wonderful tricks and techniques but I still adore the old fashioned traditional English patchwork using paper hexagons.

I needed to cut out some more so the above came from a quick rummage through my odds and sods.
 Here are some cut and tacked and ready to sew. The beige striped and the beige/gold floral ones are for the edging.

 Little flowers still with the card in ready to stitch together.
The whole shebang - a lovely array of colours and shapes. Makes me wear my happy face.

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this is a patchwork technique I haven't tried yet but I look forward to doing so at some point. I love having a fabric stash but I wish I had more room to store it in a more convenient way...who am I kidding?! If I had more room I'd just fill it with more stuff! Happy New Year Peri.