Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little progress.

One V-Junkie off the needles. I had to adapt it a little in as much that I made the medium size for the leg (I do have rather chunky ankles) but needed the small size for the foot - I have small average feet and the medium foot was just too mahoosive and too long! It does use a lot of yarn, I had a slight worry that I may not have enough for the toe but just squeaked it in. I love the pattern - it's really easy - and I just love the short row heel used - tis excellent and doesn't leave nasty holes at the sides. Just need to make it's brother now.

Mum's sock is progressing - on the heel flap of number two and hope to maybe get it off the needles this week.

A lace project is growing as well but slowly.

The crochet hexagons have hit the 50's and I've started edging some of them just to do something a bit different. I think it will look very pretty when it's done.

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