Thursday, January 05, 2012

The mystery of the demonic musical biscuit tin

 "So" said Ferlock Bones "it's not the lonely little biscuits inside the tin screaming to be eaten as they have all disappeared, I wonder where they went?" (J looks a little guilty and wanders off).
 Mrs Grunty decides the only way to deal with the demonic music is to shake her Kong at it until her ears flap "That might help...." says Ferlock doubtfully.
Ferlock ponders as Mrs Grunty creeps closer...."it's gone all quiet now" says Ferlock "oh well must be time for a snooze, you stay on watch Mrs Grunty just to make sure it doesn't start again." Cunning Ferlock knows this will give him a head start on reaching the best kipping spot first.

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