Monday, January 16, 2012

Progress and distractions

 Progress on Ma's birthday socks....yay....number 1 is finished. Oh boy did it seem a long knit.The pattern isn't over complicated but it is really fine sock yarn and 2mm dpns and every row is patterned so there is no mindless knitting. It has however got me to chapter 21 of my audio book.
 The link to the pattern is in a previous post and the designer says that the side panels (above) represent the melting water after winter and the front panel is flowers. I like this idea for the inspiration hope Ma does.
 Distraction......a new sock book that I've wanted since it was first published 'Socktopus' by Alice Yu and how could I resist this? Me a total 'True Blood' fan - it's called 'V-Junkie'.
More progress my hexagons are growing.

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