Saturday, January 07, 2012

52 books challenge - books 1 to 6.

I decided in the dreary first week in January to kick off this years attempt at 52 books in a year (or maybe less) with a week of chicklit type fiction.

'Chocolate Wishes, Sowing Secrets and Wedding Tiers' by Tricia Ashley.
(format - Kindle).

Books 1-3 are all by Tricia Ashley who I discovered by chance on Amazon (Kindle pages) just before Xmas. I read 3 of her books over the holiday, before the start of the challenge, these books all had a Xmas theme and I really enjoyed them, so I downloaded 3 more (they are very reasonably priced). I started with 'Chocolate Wishes' which combines village life, chocolate and a bit of witchcraft with an ex-rock star vicar, followed it with 'Sowing Secrets which has themes of art, friendship and gardening and finished off with 'Wedding Tiers' which included cakes, the good life and weddings to name a few themes. I loved the lot of them but did flag a bit during the last one...too much of a good thing? If you like Katie Fforde then you will love these - well written light reads that engage and entertain.

'Don'ts For Wives'  by Blanche Ebutt.
(format - book).

This was a joke Xmas pressie for M, he saw it and couldn't resist. It is a tiny little book which I've read in the mornings this week with my first cuppa of the day - just 5 minutes - and the humour has made me start each day giggling. OK, when it was written (circa 1913-ish) it wasn't funny it was serious but today it is funny - well to me. I now want its partner 'Don'ts For Husbands'.

'Never Can Say Goodbye'  by Christina Jones.
(format - Kindle).

What can I say? I have read every book by this author, most of them more than once. They are light, they are chick-lit but they are brilliant. I adore every book she has written and not one has ever failed me. They cheer me up, make me smile and leave a 'feel good' factor with me every time. This one based in a vintage frock shop with added unwanted ghosts was brilliant. Loved it to bits.

'Alice in Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll.
(format - audio book - read by Kirsten Ferreri)

Always loved this as a child but never had it read to me. So it was a treat to sit back, with my knitting, and just listen and loose myself in this weird and wacky world. The narrator did a good job and told it well without annoying me and impinging on my enjoyment and I love it now as much as I did as a child. I smiled at all my favourite characters appearing - I adore the Duchess and the Cheshire Cat. It filled a wet and windy afternoon indoors with nostalgia and pleasure.

Am finished with chick lit for a while now - back to something different. Have been using the daily deal on Amazon and have downloaded new authors and stuff well out of my comfort zone this space.

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Batty said...

Looks like you're off to a good start!