Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Books 13 and 14

 Over the weekend M had to go into the attic, hunting for something he needed, and whilst he was in there he found a box of books from my childhood, including all my 'Famous Five' ones. I loved these as kid, I was even a member of the 'Famous Five' club and had a membership card and badge (they are still kicking around somewhere). I didn't keep all the books out - just the 'Fives' (and a couple of others) and on Sunday (when I had so much other stuff going on) I read the first one. OK if I am honest - it didn't have the same old magic - I spent a lot of time giggling because I was being 'a pig' or 'beastly' but I did enjoy the dip into childhood nostalgia. I may read one or two of the others - not sure yet. I still adored Timmy best and I still love the illustrations they are just so cool.
While I was making space in the boxes under the bed (which had my sci-fi haul from last years foray into the attic) for the 'Fives' I moved this book and then had the overwhelming urge to read it again. I have loved Anne McCaffrey's books for years - her Pern series is wonderful  and I can loose days re-reading them. But the character of Helva in this book has been a favourite too - this book delights and in a way also horrifies. I read it on and off from Sunday evening to this morning and wasn't disappointed. I remembered some of it as I went along but I still loved all of it even the bits that disturb me. I have all the other 'Brain' novels and think I need to reread them as well so watch this space......

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