Monday, April 30, 2012

Books 50 -52

Can You Keep a Secret by Sophie Kinsella
Format - Kindle

The first two books in this post were both recommended by a friend. I had tried to read a book by Sophie Kinsella before and had given up in despair of her dumbass heroine but after quite a few people were saying how good her books were I decided, as I have a secret passion for chick lit, to give her another go. I have to say, I am rather glad I did. This book is a bit silly in places and is also a bit light and frothy but I really rather enjoyed it. I'm not saying I'd want to read all her books but I would read one or two others.

A Vintage Affair by Isabel Wolfe
Format - Kindle

Now this I loved. I couldn't put it down. When you read the synopsis you think this can't possibly work but it does. I loved all the strands. I loved it didn't end in a tired cliched way. I sat up late to finish it. Brilliant book.

A Walk in the Park - Jill Mansell
Format - Kindle

Another chick lit author who is a favourite - so much so I have read every book she's ever written (I think she's written about 23 or something). This didn't disappoint and it didn't feel formulaic either. I loved her characters and the fact it is based in Bath added to my pleasure in reading it.

So I have read 52 book in 2012 so far. Last year it took me until June to hit the 52 - bit quicker this year. And this year I have decided to carry on counting until we hit 31/12/12 and see just how much I read in a whole year - though my pace might slow down a bit, as I have been putting off reading a couple a tome sized books until I had manged my 52.

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