Friday, April 29, 2005

Catching up

Well it's been a strange week in some ways. I've hurt my knee (playing basketball with J) and have been in extreme pain. I've tried resting it - that hurts, I've tried gentle exercise - that hurts, I've tried a mixture of both - that hurts. So now I've decided to take painkillers and moan about it to all and sundry. It's called nagging it into submission - Ha!

I've been busy hitting the books all week and got loads ofwork done - I'm actually two weeks ahead - but there is so much work to do this month, that every hour is precious.

J's postcards are arriving in a steady stream - we are so impressed with peoples kindness. We are all enjoying getting the post. It's so exciting for J!

We have a female blackbird nesting right outside our kitchen window. We watched her build her nest, god it looked such hard work. Now she's sitting on her eggs. We see her turn them and preen and nip off briefly to feed. Can't wait for them to hatch.

I've knitted MaryElla - thanks sp! I really enjoyed knitting with beads. I am also designing some socks for my Koolaid yarn - big fun.

This week has also been mystery fruit week - each day M has bought in a new fruit for us all to try but especially J - we give him clues and he has to try and find out what it's called mainly via google and then we all try the fruit. We've had lychee, papaya, passion fruit, dragon fruit and today a grandilla. It's healthy, fun and educational -what more can a home educating parent ask for.

Last Saturday I helped at a needlework fair on a guild stall - OMG! I'm not ageist......but....OMG!
These poor ole biddies got a bit of a shock when they saw me, piercings and all. We'd only communicated via email and phone - I don't think that I was what they expected. Thank god a friend was on the next stall or rigor mortis might have set in over the 4 hour period. Don't get me wrong they were very nice women but we came from different worlds. They had never heard of Noro or knitting straight on circs. One of them was the same age as my Mum but miles older in character - so I give thanks here for a Mum who is VERY young at heart - go yoga girl!

Got a busy weekend - new yarn shop to investigate tomorrow. Dinner invites and a picnic party for J and us. So fun and frolics all round. Will post pictures MaryElla and socks soon as - I can be asked to do it - hahaha. xxxxxx.

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Peatbogfaery said...

Aw, Peri, hope the knee is better soon...and DRAGONFRUIT?!