Tuesday, April 19, 2005

I went to London and...............

I met a fantabulous group of ladies from the Knitty board in the flesh! (A couple of pictures are already posted below.) It was so refreshing to meet people with a common interest, that have a good sense of fun and are down to earth. No posers, no boasters and no tosspots either.

I had been itching to meet Yorkie as she was my SP in the last round and had spoilt me rotten - what can I say - she's great and as funny in reality as in the virtual world. It was also great to meet Glittr as we have chatted on-line, another genuine person - who is as nice in reality as on the boards.

M came with me, as I have problems travelling and took it all in his stride. He's a lad! I just wish I could have stayed longer and had time to talk to Jackie (who I only really said 'hi' to) and to Faery - who lives closer to me than the others and who's blog I read regularly.

I wouldn't have missed it for the world and hope it happens again and again. Roll on the the Big Knit In in Brighton on 5th June 2005 - hopefully I can persuade some of the UKnitty girls to come down to the coast!

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