Thursday, April 14, 2005

A message & some musings.


Yep that naughty girl from the North is my sp and she has delighted me with her thoughtful gifts, humour and sense of fun!

However, not so sure about Corp. Cuck Camo-Bear came into the lounge this morning and the place was trashed. The whiskey and port bottles had been tampered with , the wine glasses had been licked clean of any dregs. The chocolate stash was trashed, my wool was all tangled and in the middle of this mayham - sat a very fat, wool wrapped, booze stinking little camo bear! Oh dear. He has the most awful hangover and is looking a bit sorry for himself. He's promised it will not happen again, but I'm can still see that glint in his eye!

Right...... I realised that this week is the anniversary of us home educating J - it's 3 years since he was deregistered from school. We have been on such a journey of discovery in that time. A journey that has shown us that learning doesn't need desks or classrooms, that conversing with your child is a great learning experience for all involved and that above all I really do enjoy spending loads of time with him. He has such an active mind, he challenges himself and both M & I daily. He now reads as well as any 12 year old and chooses to read as an activity throughout the day, from factual books, cereal packets, comics, fiction, poetry and puzzle books. He now is happy to write stuff (he has terrible hand writing but then so have most doctors!) but he no longer is afraid of criticism because he's written the wrong kind of 'S'. He's using his mind to reason stuff out, he's negotiating for the stuff that's important to him, he has a huge vocab and amazes me with the words he can spell and the facts that he knows.

I have over the last 3 years spiralled between the dizzy heights of "yes this is so the right thing for us" to " how can I do this to my child?" I now feel confident that he is happy, he knows that if he wants to go to school he has only to ask and he can go but at this time he doesn't. He has a great group of pals and a better social life than me. I can't remember the last time I saw a friend from school. So three years on we're happy, it's working for us and life is good!

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Laura said...

So good to read that you are happy home-schooling your boy. I do think home-schooling has many advantages if it is done well. I used to teach high school chemistry, and the students that I had who had been home-schooled tended to be prepared academically.

anyway, I just wanted to thank you for the comment on my blog. I truly appreciate it. Spider blankets...hummm...