Sunday, April 10, 2005

A little peace and a lot of toboggan.

Yesterday I had the whole afternoon on my own. I'd spent the whole morning studying, so had little guilt about indulging myself. I pottered around and finished up my chores and then spent 30 blissful minutes meditating - do you know how rare it is to get a whole half an hours silence in this place? - Hens teeth my friends, hens teeth! Then armed with a cuppa - I settled down and watched video of 1 of Pride and Prejudice (the only thing that Colin Firth looks fanciable in) and knitted. No kid, no hubby, no phonecalls - just me. A little piece of heavan. But where were my maurading males you might ask? At a birthday party - a toboggan birthday party no less.

At 7.15pm they arrived back - a bit soggy - regaling me with tales of daring-do, stunts and speed. They're the toboggan masters! It seems that J-NO-FEAR - super lava power boy went head 1st, feet 1st, backwards, in a chain and on a giant doughnut. While Husband of daring-do beat all the kiddies in a race and spent a lot of time play fighting with his younger brother. How could such a wonderful be topped off - well I'll tell.

1) Boy went to bed - well satisfied and tired.
2) M & I had a romantic (M cooked) dinner for two.
3) We lit the candles and listened to music whilst polishing off a nice bottle of wine.
4) M then popped the cork on some fizzy-poo, ran me a candlelit bath and sprinkled rose petals in the water.
5) We retired - with the rest of the wine and some Green & Blacks pralines ............................

What a perfect day! I am a very lucky Peri.

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