Sunday, April 03, 2005

A yarn to dye for.

Friday p.m - the kitchen, Debbie Bliss 100% merino wool - dk, packets of kool aid, a determined woman, a potting husband and a child who moaned about the smell! I had so much fun. I made so much mess (which I cleared up). I made pretty wool! Yayha! It was great, we all had a laugh with it - though how anyone drinks that stuff is way beyond me.

Saturday - time not specific. Study up to date. Children (J's friend K came for the day) being entertained by M, housework - ignored. A woman, a need to create and complete an item, a book, some yarns and needles, peace and quiet? - well you can't have everything. I made a bunny - don't know why - but I made a bunny.

Sunday - p.m - the lounge, M on a call, J building Lego, housework complete - study complete - I have yarn, I have needles, I have fornicating pigeons on the roof and what am I doing? Sitting typing this load of old drivel............byeeeeeee knitting calls!

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