Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Just stuff.

I had a dawning realisation today (thanks to a thread on the Knitty forum). I really do like who and where I am right now. This probably means a nerfing great ball of doo-doo it about to plop right in my lap...but what the heck, lets tempt the fates - I am happy in the here and now.

There are silly niggly bits n bobs I would change but on the whole - it's all good babe!

I have a great respect for time and since my Dad died have tried to live for now. He worked his butt off all his life (though he always did the stuff he wanted to) and died before he could kick back and truly reap the benefits of his labour. But it's taken until now to accept me with all my little foibles. Maybe I am finally a grown up? Nah.....don't think so

Other stuff.............
We bought a basketball hoop for the garden - now I just want it to stop raining cos I wanna go play in the garden. (Did I mention before that I might have grown up - lol).

Buster is responding well to his tablets. He goes back to the vets tomorrow, so fingers crossed.

I got my last essay back from my tutor - got a good mark - well better than expected - phew.

Do my first research interview for this course this week - am a bit nervous/excited.

Bought more Noro Silk Garden - I am a Noro-ho.

Can't think of anything else right now - so TTFN.

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