Friday, September 22, 2006


Firstly, ta to glittr and Purlpower - you cheered me up. Yep I am tosser-a-phobic.

Well we've been busy bees. Miles too much to blog it all, so here are the edited highlights. J loved the Enchanted Forest at Groombridge. The swing is one of many in the wood attached to giant trees. M and I enjoyed them too. Groombridge is an amazing day out. Huge wicker dragons and dinosaurs, raptor centre demonstrations, we saw the owl one and the falcon one - all included in the price. The recent film of Pride and Prejudice was shot there - Groombridge house is Longbourne - wow amazing. We played giant chess, got lost in a maze. Climbed an aerial walkway, squatted in a Teepee, took over a fort, fed enormous fish and generally just got lost in the magic of the forest. We stayed all day and was well knackered by the time we got home. So much so we couldn't cook and had to get the best fish n chips in the world from the chippie in Rottingdean...yum!

J in an egg at Drusillas. Now I hate Drusillas - but we had half price tickets and J loves the place so we had a day there and to be honest (as it was quiet and term-time) it was good. Baby meercats added to our general delight as did the close up of the Serval below. A stop off at Middle Farm on the way home added to a our merriment - mmmm yummy St Illtyd cheese and a large quantity of scrumpy - made a good tea!
We also took J out for his first proper restaurant curry. Oh boy was that a hit. He loved the atmosphere and ate all of his Kurma and onion bhajees. He struck up a rapport with the waiters and was so good and polite - M and I managed some Cobra beer and lots of yummy grub.

We went fossiling at Bracklesham bay. I don't know which I enjoyed more the fossiling - they were just everywhere you pick them up on the tideline or watching the surfers as it was a good rough day and surf was up. We had a lovely picnic and then went off to visit Clayman as M needed supplies.

This deer was at Groombridge - they did actually come closer. The Mum has this years and last years fawns with her. The Stag was more stand-offish but they showed no fear. We also saw a Zeedonk (zebra donkey cross breed) J thought we were joking.

We visited lots of parks for biking, picnics and play but I think the favourite was Tilgate - they has month old piglets - adorable. We also got up real close with their beautiful shire horses. Another great day and all for the total price of £5.50. Another maze, another picnic and heaps of fun. We saw 8 magpies all together and they were trying to outwit the squirrels - I think it was a draw.

We also took the time to visit the Beacon and have the compulsory (rip-off unhealthy) ice cream - but you can't go there and not have a large Mr Whippy with a Flake. The views were breathtaking, the walk enjoyable.

Some days we did nothing at all - but just be as a family - which was also nice. Just lazing and chatting and enjoying having M at home. I literally haven't stopped but have achieved little.

The boys had a lads day (with the cousins) at Shoreham Airshow - J sat in the cockpit of a Red Arrow (Hawk) aircraft. Explored a Chinook helicopter and went on a simulator of the Eurofighter. He and M love planes and came home buzzing from all they had seen and done. I had a quiet day and finished off a sock and shrug I was knitting - very peaceful.

Today we re-visited Middle Farm for some organic sausages, a pork joint for Sunday and more cider - the rest of the day we are spending doing what we each like best - J is building with Lego, M has clay and I shall knit.

No plans as yet for the weekend -though we might go back to Bracklesham for more fossils.

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