Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wings, wool and wicker.

Here is J at the controls of a Red Arrows Hawk afraid, be very afraid... I've seen how this boy flies on computer games ;0) I really think this made his day. Especially after we had watched a TV programme on the Red Arrows, he was awestruck at what they do.
I didn't break my yarn diet, M broke it! On our anniversary he drove me out to our local lys and bought me yarn - better than flowers any day! This this Rowan Tapestry (I think the colourway is Antique) destined to be a multi-directional scarf (all thanks to Shona) she knitted a beautiful one on her blog.

The other yarns are RYC wool and silk and Rowan 4ply cotton. I was very good and spent under £30 but I could have spent much more if I was a rich girl.
These wicker dragons and their egg live a Groombridge - they are very impressive. The skill that must have gone into making them. They also have a wickerStegosauruss. I remember being forced to make a wicker litter bin at school - it was hard on the hands and keeping an even tension was more than a little difficult - so I raise my metaphorical hat to whoever made these big beasties.

Today is the last day of our hols. It's been different having a holiday based at home, something we have never done since J was born. It has its pros and cons. It has been nice not to have to plan and pack, unpack, pack, unpack. It has been nice to sleep in my own bed (I always have problems sleeping in strange beds - it takes me days to get used to it and by then it's time to come home). I didn't miss the long journey and getting lost and we have had lots of camping trips this year so we have been away. On the down side - I seem to have had less mental rest - still had phone calls/ post/ bills to deal with. I've told M that next year we should plan to do longer camping trips throughout the spring and summer and not bother with a 2 week break and to also try and get a short-break trip for just him and I. Anyhoo our plans for today....who knows? I'm happy to read, weave and knit but I need to canvas popular opinion of the boys.



I think you have it spot on with the mental rest thing, I truly feel rested when I am up a mountain or in a place where I have no phone, no email and no bills arriving at the door! It's great that you have spent some time exploring your own region though and think of all the carbon emmissions you have saved by not taking a cheap flight abroad. You should feel very smug. Now why not unplug the phone and the broadband and ignore the doorbell for a day or two!

Sarah said...

The wicker is wicked cool!

Nice DH buying you yarn on the birthday! Very nice!

LaBean said...

YAY for anniversary goodies!! The wicker dinos are too cute!!